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Posted By on February 6, 2015

FAT300 Custom Cycles is the Leader in Custom Sportbike Accessories and Parts. We make and distribute parts for Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha Sportbikes. As Custom Sportbikes accessories are one of the largest growing motorcycle industries and with experience in Custom Sportbikes like no other in South West Florida.

Models included but also many other are CBR600, CBR900, CBR1000 from Honda. ZX6R, ZX9R, ZX10R, ZX12R and ZX14 from Kawasaki. GSXR600, GSXR750, GSXR1000 and GSX1300R Hayabusa from Suzuki. R1 and R6 from Yamaha.

Custom Sportbike Accessories and Parts:

Custom sportbikes have been a specialized hobby of ours for many years. Events and Clubs around the country have formed in support of this American pastime. Though many custom shops have attempted to do excellent and unique mods, we here at FAT300 Custom Cycles in Florida has taken some of the top makes and models in both classic and current bikes and transformed them into serious eye catchers like no other company could.

So how did the name come about?

FAT300 Custom Cycles Inc. was named many years ago when the sportbike scene began putting wide rear tires on the back of custom bikes. Because we were one of the first around to offer this modification, we chose the name FAT300 to symbolize the wide rear 300mm series tire. We have expanded our product line to not only offer the 300mm series but also the 330mm and the 360mm on all of our custom build kits. Our newest kits, known as the Factory Widen Wheel Kits, which allows customers to put a FAT Tire Kit on their motorcycle with taking their actual stock rear rim and widening it to the size requested, such as 240mm, 300mm, 330mm, or 360mm. FAT300 also has the newest style Jackshaft conventional double-sided and Single Side Tubular FAT/WIDE Tire Kits on the market.

But it is all about FAT tires?

NO! FAT300 Custom Cycles offers custom made accessories that are only found here as well. Manufacturing many of our own parts allows us to reach customers in a way that no other shop around has been able to mimic. Making everything from custom foot pegs to triple trees and from swing arm extensions to seat bolts are only a few items in our custom parts arsenal. AND MORE TO COME!!!!

What kind of services are provided?

There is no denying the services we provide. Detailed rendering to custom lighting installations can ensure each and every bike is unique. George Hatziyianis, owner of FAT300 Custom Cycles is just as passionate about the service his company provides as he is about the products. We offer services from detailed rendering to custom lighting installations and sale with custom seats and triple plate plastic chrome processes, just to name a few. It really is an interesting and incredibly fun job. I consider myself a pretty lucky guy.

What are the Unique qualities offered?

The unique craftsmanship and design teams at FAT300 allow our custom builds to “STAND OUT ABOVE THE REST”. Taking stock sportbikes and turning them into some of the hottest custom builds proves we leave no bolt (or idea) unturned. By focusing on attention to detail and making sure any and every motorcycle that leaves FAT300 Custom Cycles is above our customers standards, we have been able to develop a customer base that stretches throughout the United States.

What is up next for FAT300 Custom Cycles Inc.?

We recently started a dedicated division just for women called Raging Lady Sportbike Design, inspired by all the upcoming women riders in the sportbike community. Women who love to ride or even ladies who are sick of riding on the back as a passenger, find refuge at our Raging Lady Division. Our staff allows women to guide the build of their motorcycles the way they envision them. RL Design also offers services for Paint Jobs, Custom Parts, Color and Candy Chrome, Soft and Feminine Powdercoat Colors, Custom Embroidered Seats and much more for nearly every bike.

What is New?

If you are online and in search of information, accessories, and a unique custom look for that sportbike-lover in you, check out this website. Our new state of the art website will allow web surfers to view what they search for and have the ability to buy directly from the website. We have one of the largest product based websites out there. FAT300 has made it even easier to customize your motorcycle. Whether in person or online, Fat300 Custom Cycles has the experience in customizing like no other to bring you that unique look that so many others will never find anywhere else.

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